Thursday, May 17, 2012

My haircut!

Last weekend I had gotten my hair finally cut off, I had been thinking about it for awhile but kept putting it off for "until after vacation". Well "until after vacation" had been starting to feel way to far away. So, I sat down at my laptop opened the file of photo's listed as "Hairspiration" on my desktop and decided wich one to use as a reference. Here is the part where I have lucked out in my life, my mom is a beautician.

Any time I've ever decided on a cut color, or when I went to dances in high school, I lucked out because I never had to pay to get my hair done. So I showed her the picture we talked about it and headed downstairs. Now, us heading downstairs was fine, it was when we were down there and I sat in the chair that I started to feel like I was sitting in the executioner's chair.

I've had my hair all sorts of lengths before but never had I decided to  go this short, this time was also different in the fact that I wanted to cut it off in a ponytail before we started on the actual cut. Never before had I aparently felt that connected to my hair.

I wanted it done, I needed it done, last summer I had died my hair red, and my ends were still crappy feeling.

Scissors in hand she approached the back of my head, for some reason she was just as nervous as I was. Of course this didn't make me feel anybetter. Her one hand had a hold of my ponytail, hanging an inch or so below the base of my neck, the second one bringing the scissors ever closer.

I felt like a prisoner with my head waiting in the guilotine, and finally she did it.


As she was going at it I started almost hyperventilating. I was doing this strange combination of laughing uncontrollably and tearing up. Of course my mother kept asking if I was okay and then started also laughing during all of this. Eventually she had the whole ponytail off and I was giddy about it. I don't know if it was necessarily a good giddy or a nervous giddy. But I was giddy non-the-less.

Here is my before the haircut photo, and also the 12 inch long ponytail we cut off. As you can probably tell I had already been internally freaking out. You can also see the red on my ends.

She gave me a few minutes to relax and asked if I wanted to stop, I refused. It was now or never, and I had always wanted to try this short hair.

We continued on with it and I started feeling better as it went. (Except of course when I reached up and touched the back of my hair and felt almost nothing, it worried me a bit)

Here is the end product of all of my freaking out.

I LOVE IT! The first few days was so weird. Any time I caught a glimpse of myself in a reflective surface I had to stop and make sure it was me! It was definitely a huge adjustment, but I don't regret doing it. I do somewhat miss my long hair. I'm sure I will eventually grow it back but right now, I'm so happy I ignored my panic and just went for it.


  1. That looks great on you! Definitely a good decision:) I mean, you looked great with long hair too, but this just seems even better.

    1. Thankyou! I definitely feel like it was an improvement too!

  2. Oh your hair is beautiful! It suits you so so much! You are lucky to be one of the those people that suits short & long hair :)