Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 12, On the Table

So I used my desk instead of a table, but who's really paying attention to that. This is what is on my desk every day. Minus a cup of water that I'm usually drinking. I have tissues, a big pile of post-its, a pair of pants that hold some silly pens, giant paperclips being held together by a dinosaur that I got when I was in middle school, a bunch of little figures and knick knacks I got from random places, on top of the tissue box sits my slap bracelet from the starkid spacetour, I have a lamp that has an outlet on it, my headphones, and last but not least my laptop. On my wall you can see my wall decals, I got it from Kohls over a year ago. Then I have three sticky notes on my wall currently, two from my best friend, and one drawn on by my five year old sister.

I have to say that today was a pretty great day. I did have a test this morning but it was pretty easy, I have basically no homework for once. After classes I ended up walking to Starbucks, it was my first time ever getting anything from one. I originally was going to get the pumpkin spice latte and decided to get a salted caramel mocha instead. I regreted it immediatly. It was terrible. If anyone can make any suggestions I'd be more than happy to try something else from Starbucks. After that mini fiasco (if you can call it that) I ended up getting to hang out with my Aunt and cousins, before my dad swung by and picked me up so we could go home.

The Algonquin Mill Festival is this weekend, so the town is crazy busy. I think I'm going to be going Sunday.

Here are another two songs from The Devil's Carnival, this is seriously great. I can't wait for the movie to come out.

On one last and somber note, I have to wish farewell to Holly Noel Richards. I was not close to her, but many people I knew were. She was only about a year older then me and had a two or three year old son. I know from having a math class with her, as well as a few choir classes that she was one of the sweetest, friendliest girls you'd ever meet. She had the voice of an angel, and now will be singing with the best of them. RIP Holly.

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