Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 19, Letters

I ended up having a busy day today, and so the first thing I did when I came home was that I got a big glass of ice water in one of my favorite cups.

I had my classes this morning, well technically I only went to one. But there were reasons why I didn't go to the second. My mom and my brother swung by and picked me up and we went to Old Navy. Where I found nothing.

Let me back track a little bit.

Between last year and this past summer I have lost weight, I would love to lose more but I haven't really had the motivation. I am not a big girl by any means and I was happy with my body, but I didn't feel like I was treating it as well as I should and so I decided to get myself in shape.

Well one of the good and bad things about losing weight is your clothing sizes change. Over the summer I had bought new clothes, but other than one pair of jeans it was all things like shorts and t-shirts and tank tops. Not stuff I can wear currently. So like I said I had bought one pair of jeans. They were the only pair I had until today. All of the others were way too big.

My siblings didn't have school today, and since my Mom did not have to rush back she agreed to take me shopping.

Needless to say we did. But, yes I found nothing at Old Navy. I did like a hat I had found there, but after trying several shirts, two dresses and about 20 pairs of pants I got frustrated and just decided to not get anything. Thankfully eating some lunch helped my mood and then we made our way over to Target.

I love Target, I ended up buying several shirts and cardigans, tights, a dress, and a few different pairs of pants. I was one happy camper. The last thing I ended up getting today was a ridiculously adorable pair of shoes from payless.

It was a busy, long day. But, it was the good kind of busy, that I don't mind having.

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