Monday, January 27, 2014

Sick Days

The weather lately has been a whole lot of this, where we can't even really see our roads. And on this lovely weather decided to bestow on me the head cold from hell.

It started Wednesday. I woke up and automatically had a headache and I went to work but as the day went on I just felt worse. I was like sure okay, I'm fine, and I went to work the next day where the sinus pressure and achy body also started up. Friday was purely snotsville, and Saturday was the absolute worst I have felt in a long time, but I went to work anyways that day as well. All I wanted to do during this time was get the snot out of my head and sleep for eternity. Before I'd left work that day I was half forced by one of my coworkers to see if I could get someone to cover for me Sunday.

I was so thankful when one girl agreed to cover my shift and I spent most of the time asleep only waking up to blow my nose and catch snippets of TV shows only to pass out again.

I already had today off and it was good to have one last day to recuperate. I've used the time to lay in bed in my most comfortable pajamas, drinking chai tea in one of my favorite mugs, and watching movies. My mother so lovingly rented me Kick Ass 2 since I haven't seen it yet so I rewatched the first one to get caught up.

Have you been sick with the weather lately too? If you have or haven't how do you handle your sick days?
As for me I'm going to go finish the end of this sick day by going back to my little setup at the end of my bed and go watch Kick Ass 2.

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