Friday, December 5, 2014

Blogmas2014 Day 5

It's day five already! I cannot believe it. The first week of December is almost over with and I still don't have my decorations up. This is absolute blasphemy.

Here's what I'm currently dealing with though.

I have to say it is rather awful. Dreadful even. This is just near my closet, mind you all of those clothes on the floor and in the basket are clean. This is only a fraction of how terribly messy my room has gotten recently. But life has been crazy and I've just kind of put cleaning up to the side. It happens.

My goal is to get everything cleaned and put away tonight though. And I can't stay up too late due to the fact I have to be at work by six in the morning.

My day today has gone better than yesterday by like a ton at least. That could be because I spent most of the day at work, and I was less stressed out than I was the day before.

Now I better get down to business cleaning if I want to be able to get decorations up before the weekend is over. Wish me luck.

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