Monday, December 8, 2014

Blogmas2014 Day7 & 8

Okay, okay I know. This isn't what the weather looks like. It hasn't been. But I always want snow for Christmas and I keep thinking if I will it enough it will happen. Here's a picture of our moose Penny having a blast in it.

Yikes! I definitely forgot to post yesterday. The deal is yesterday wasn't much to talk about anyway. I spent the morning cleaning and decorating, then went to work, then came home and colored my hair and went to bed.

Today on the other hand was a full day of school work. I had a group presentation, that also meant I got to have a rather delicious espresso cookie that my one group member made. I worked for several hours on an HTML/CSS final, and it's still no where ready to be done. Then there was a rather large amount of confusion on whether I was having a meeting with my one professor or not, but it all ended up being good and I finished that. So now I only have two finals left and I am done with school. It's so crazy!

Oh and if you are following me on Instagram you'd have seen that when I came home today my portfolio had come in the mail! It's beautiful and I'm beyond proud and happy to have it. I may post some pictures of it tomorrow.

Also in the next couple of days I plan in posting images of my decorations and my wish list for this year. So be ready for that!

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