Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Super fun weekend!

Last weekend was wonderful.

Friday I went to the circus for free (which was awesome in and of itself) and took a butt-load of pictures. I am not going to share them right now I really don't feel like sorting through over 500 photos just to pick two or three to post. But I do have to say It was wonderful.

After I ended up breaking one of my personal rules, I watched a movie without first reading the books, I had went to see The Hunger Games with some friends. It was pretty great, I really feel the need to get the books, maybe they'll change my opinion on Katniss. Everyone seems to think she's wonderful, but I think she was a terrible person, yes she did save her sister and that was nice, but she was being completely terrible to Peeta and Gale in the process. Like I said, maybe the books will change my mind. I'll just have to see.

Saturday morning I finally got to sit down and finish Beautiful Chaos. I really have to suggest the Caster Chronicles to everyone. Speaking of that I'm very excited for the next book in the series and also the movie Beautiful Creatures which is slowly revealing the actors to play the roles. So far I find them pretty perfect.

Then around noon Saturday I went horseback riding for the first time. My friend said I was a natural. I kept wanting to go faster in the small arena we were in, but there was only so much room. So, I asked if we could move to the bigger arena, my friend said sure and as she closed the gate to the small one I went to ride into the bigger one. Well the arena wasn't open enough as I soon found out. My left stirrup caught on the arena and so the horse started dragging it and of course that freaked the horse out. The arena had pretty much pushed my foot out of the stirrup but I tried to fix things. I staid on him for a few seconds wich I think confused him, but then my left hand that was holding onto the horn of the saddle let go and holding onto the reins in my right hand I fell off. The horse reared up a bit and turned his body away from me so not to land on me. He tore off across the arena after that, and when he calmed down he came over to me making sure I was okay and then started rubbing his head on me. He was such a sweet heart. My friend just kind of stood there and watched the whole thing, she didn't really have time to react as I fell. She ended up telling me it was a really graceful fall she just wished she had it on camera. I was like thanks a lot haha. I really wasn't even sore after the fall the only thing that hurt was my hand that had been holding on to the reigns. It wasn't until the next day that I found the bruise on my leg and felt a little sore.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. I'm sorry for the huge wall of text, next time I'll be sure to post some kind of photo or something to make up for the fact that this one lacked. I wish you all a good day and "May the odds be ever in your favor."

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