Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend (part 1 GNO)

I know it's only been a few days, but I feel like it has been forever since my last post. I have a ton to share and so I'm splitting it in half and I'm starting it all with Saturday, our Girl's Night Out.

Alana, Karah, Maeve, Dorri, and I all met up at Alana's house and split into two cars. Maeve and Karah went to get our friends Caitlin, and Nicole who was working and then was going to meet us up there. Alana, Dorri, and I got to A1, and out in the parkinglot I honestly said "I'm going to laugh if they are still in town," and let me tell you, where we live is forty five minutes away from where we were going.

We go inside, Alana calls them and lo and behold, they are still in town. We made a reservation for the Hibatchi section for an hour from then and walked out to the parkinglot, where our friend Hannah had was meeting us. From there we decided to do some running around, and I got two new sd cards.

We do some other running around and then go back to A1, and not five minutes after we get there, the rest of the girls show up. Turns out Nicole didn't get done with work for half an hour after we thought she did.

(Technically that photo wasn't taken until after we were done eating, but shhh.)

If you couldn't tell, we were all excited to eat. Even Nicole, who doesn't look it, but I promise that's just her face, inside she was screaming with excitement.

Alana, and Dorri, and I were the only ones getting sushi everyone else was getting hibatchi and let me tell you we got the most eccentric hibatchi chef. Who, I aparently didn't get a picture of, but here is one of stuff on fire.

After the rest of the girls had their food, out came our lovely tray of sushi. Isn't it beautiful?

We ate and had a good old time, and then left to go to the dollar theater, our friend Abbey was meeting us there, and we watched Mirror, Mirror. Let me tell you, pretty much all of us were expecting the movie to just be awful. We all thought it looked like it was just going to be the most stupid movie, but were we suprised. I don't think we really stopped laughing. It was like the creators sat down and went "Let's think of the cheesiest things for this cram them all into a movie and see what happens" and it turned out great, there was even a little like bollywood-esque music video at the end of it. It was a really good time. We went our seperate ways after that some of the girls picking up junk food and we all went back to Alana's.

We ate junk food, drank sparkling grape juic and some other sparkling fruit beverage, and then we chalked our hair.

Here is Alana and Dorri doing Maeve's hair, along with the rest of our mess.

Our friend Wes, who is basically a big brother to us all, came baring cookie dough bites and we celebrated this by doing his hair too. 

I seriously love these girls, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Lemonade. I cannot wait until our next adventure.

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  1. oh man, hair chalk! I haven't done that in so long! Must get chalk tomorrow.