Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend (Part 2)

Saturday had been a blast, but there is this thing where after any GNO we all just want to go home and sleep. This did not happen for me. Instead me and my family went to what we call "Skeet's Lake." We have this friend who's name/nickname? is Skeeter and he owns this property out in the middle of nowhere, which includes this huge man made pond thing. Really it's big enough to me that it should be considered a lake but I'm not sure most would consider it one.

Leaving our one dog ginger at home, we took our dog Penny who loves car rides and swimming. As soon as we get there she rockets out of the vehicle and into the water. My siblings head to the water, my mom and my Nana lay out on a blanket, and my dad get's the fishing supplies ready. My parents would probably kill me for putting these photos up, just because they don't seem to like their pictures shared but I don't really care.

My mom and my Nana. If you hadn't already known I look identical to my mother. It's almost scary.

My dad would hate that I have a picture of him up, but he'll have to get over it because I love the photo and him very much and I'd like everyone to know it.

My brother and sister having fun together with the dog, they were all having a blast, and were getting along (it's a miracle).

Dad and Nic decided to go fishing on the other side of the lake. Penny has this funny habit where if we are seperated she basically paces from one group of us to the next making sure we are okay.

She is such a good dog, and so pretty. I love her so much, I definitely feel like she's the best dog I've ever had.

To say that our time there was perfect would be a lie. We were continuosly bombarded by deer flies. Penny probably had the worst of it. We ended up making almost a game out of smacking and killing the flies on eachother, was this maybe just an excuse for us to hit eachother? Probably. I was lucky I was one of the few people who came home unburned and unbitten, well not completely unbitten I had one bugbite on my thumb that itched for a while.

Monday, Memorial day, I didn't get any photos. But, we spent our entire day at my Aunt's house. It was definitely nice to have the family gathering. I think for the most tpart though everyone, including my Aunt's family, just wanted to go take a nap that day.

Tuesday Mom and I took Nana to Pittsburgh for her last doctor's appointment, she had had hip surgery done and now doesn't have to go back for a year. We then went shopping at a giant grocery store that I can't remember the name of, and Sam's club before going to eat. We never get home until very late any time we are with Nana, so it wasn't suprising that we didn't get home until eleven o'clock at night. All in all it was a fun time as well.

Also can I just add this cupcake?! It should have been a sin it was so good. We each picked out a baked good from that giant grocery store. Mine was a chocolate cupcake, that had some kind of chocolate strawberry icing, topped with a white chocolate covered strawberry. I have not had a cupcake that good since who knows when. All of their cupcakes and things were beautiful too! They were all very well done my hat is off to them.

I know technically Monday and Tuesday are not considered the weekend but I felt the need to include them anyway. It was a very good, very busy memorial day weekend. Don't ask me how but I was also able to finish Mockingjay over that weekend and I will have my review of it up soon.

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