Thursday, May 24, 2012


I decided to get up this morning to take Penny for a walk, and man was it relaxing!

This was right down at the end of our road, the light was filtering through the tree so beautifully I could have stayed to stare at it for twenty minutes or better. It is a sight like this that I wish I had my camera instead of just my phone, I feel like it just doesn't do it justice.

Me and the dog walked quite a bit, had to have been over a mile. I actually went down to the track, no one was there so I had let Penny off lead which I could tell she enjoyed, even if she staid plastered to my side.

We walked/ ran around it around three times and then walked back home. All in all we had to have walked over a mile, and we were out for over an hour. I wish I could get myself up and out of the house that early more often, when almost no one is in town. It was just so relaxing and nice to get up and excersize without having to worry about anyone or anything.

My best friend is home, she finally just got home from Germany yesterday. She will be visiting me later today and I just can't wait. I have missed her a ton, especially since I have only seen her maybe twice since this school year had started up. Now it's summer and not only do I get to see her I get to hang out with all of my other friends who are home. I just can't wait.

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