Friday, August 31, 2012

School is Wack so are Rules, Tucking in your Shirts for Fools.

Well this was quite a first week back, so far it seems like all of my classes are going to be great. Yes in my last post I did mention I was feeling overwhelmed but I think that's just because it is always rather tiring on the first day back. I do wish I was just done already, but next year will hopefully be my last. The photos above were me being bored after my second class today, since it's a friday only class it is supposed to be four hours long, but we got out a little over two hours early. I had to wait until my ride came and those pictures are just a few snippets of me being bored.
Currently I'm sitting relaxing and watching cartoons, Gravity Falls to be exact. I suggest everyone watch it, it's pretty rad!
I'm excited for the fact that it is labor day weekend, I'm looking forward to getting some work done that I wouldn't really be able to do otherwise. I hope you all have a great weekend, and seriously check out Gravity Falls it's great stuff. Especially Mabel and Grunkle Stan.

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