Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16, Something You Wrote

I'm just going to go ahead and put this out there... I am a procrastinator. Let me start over, yesterday my marketing professor gives us all our tests back and basically the entire class failed. SO, to make up some of the points we were assigned to take the questions we missed and then write an example of each along with the definition. Now for me that means I have to do eighteen problems, I'm sure for other students in my class it was worse, and for some it was better. Anyway I've had most of the day to start on it and to be honest I felt like just relaxing, but that leads it to know being 8:30 and I only have three done.

I have a feeling it's not going to end up getting completely done, and I can't say that I completely care... This seems to be a bad semester for not only me but my friends as well. All of us feel like it's the semester to just not want to do work. It's incredibly frustrating to feel like that and then also have this be one of the semesters I've had with the most amount of work. I get it all done and have at least learned over the years to work with my procrastinating ways instead of against it.

Anyone else feel like that? Or are you all major go getters that get everything done weeks ahead of time?

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