Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 20 and Day 21

Day 20, 4:00

So saturday had been a day full of cleaning, babysitting, and schoolwork. With of course the slight intermission at four to go to the store. All in all a not very exciting day.

Day 21, Calm

Today, the theme was calm. I have to say I pretty much lived it like a mantra today. It was just a calm day. I got a few things done here or there, but really I just decided to slack today and stress tomorrow. I ended today by making this yummy sweet concoction that I half came up with. I took an original recipe and tweaked it. Then sitting down with the family we all watched Once Upon a Time. 


  1. That spoon is so cute! And that sounds like a nice relaxing day:)

    1. It's a fiestaware spoon, and it really was!

  2. what a cute little spoon!! i also love that first picture :) xx