Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24, Weather

The weather today, and for the past week or so has been absolutely amazing. The sky's are clear, there is a hardly there breeze and the sun is at that perfect place where it's making everything that perfect warm temperature. It is nuts how great the weather has been.

The weather has been so wonderful that I've been leaving my windows open at night. Last night I was so tired I was even too lazy to cover up Echo's cage. So, when I woke up this morning my room was wonderful, I got a good morning chirp from Echo as soon as I really started waking up. I sat up, stretched and just new it was going to end up being a good day. And it has! I of course went to school and everything went pretty great there. After classes Dad had taken me to eat with him at Taco Bellm when we got home I came to find out that Mom had bought me a Vanilla Coke and my magazine subscription finally came in.

It's the little things, like that, that really make the day wonderful.

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