Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8, Angle

There are all sorts of angles going on in Echo's cage, not to mention the downward angle in which I took this, so this photo counts right? Sure it does.

My paper is done finally, and I don't know about you but who loves to listen to music while working on stuff? I really love listening to the Repo! The Genetic Opera soundtrack as I work, it doesn't seem to matter what I work on, it's a blast to listen to.

Speaking of Repo! I just found out that Terrance Zdunich who is the writer and plays Graverobber in Repo! has come out with another musical type shindig called The Devil's Carnival. I also found out that if I had known about this a few months ago I could have seen it live. It's driving me nuts. But good news, they will be coming out with it on dvd you can preorder it or wait for it to come out, but it's very limited. I'll probably be waiting to buy the dvd in stores so I don't have to pay the price for the preordered blu ray combo.

Aparently this song was cut from the movie and placed at the credits, because it didn't really flow well with the rest of the movie but I am obsessed with it.

If this kind of musical or whatever, bothers you for any reason I'm sorry. I understand some may not like this kind of thing. But, I felt like I had to share it this song is stuck in my head.

Also I don't like gory movies in any way shape or form, and I know there's some in Repo! The Genetic Opera, but it doesn't bother me. I really do recomend that if you like musicals at all to go watch it, and then maybe wait with me to get The Devil's Carnival.

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