Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 7, Light

Honestly I should learn to be a little more creative with these photos. This is the light fixture in my bedroom, I've been spending all of my time in my room lately. For the first time in my life I'm having problems with shortening a paper. It's only supposed to have two to three pages, and last night I kid you not, I had twelve. Slowly but surely I've been cutting down information and I have about five pages now. I'd love to be done with it. Like right now. I'd rather be playing games on my new 3DS but it's sitting in it's box until all of my work is done.

I'm spending too much time in my room doing work, I feel like I'm suffocating in it, I just want to go outside, but it's  a little to chilly to be doing nearly anything out there. So I can't really even just relocate myself and my laptop out there.

Also yes my ceiling is blue, my walls are blue too, my walls are weird and curved and lead up into my ceiling so I couldn't do them two different colors.

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