Friday, January 18, 2013

My Babies in Black and White

Okay so not "babies" but if you have a pet you know what I mean. For my digital imaging class we had to use photos of ours and turn them into a nice enhanced black and white. I loved how these two came out and thought I would share. Now we also have two dogs here at the house, but they are considered all of ours. These two are just mine.

Echo the lovebird, he's my little pain in the neck. If you've been following me for awhile you might have seen photos of him before. He's terrified of people, sadly myself included but he's slowly getting better. I've had him for over a year and he still backs away most of the time when I approach his cage. He's over ten years old according to his leg band so I doubt that will ever fully change. Though he doesn't panic about it when it's me. Sometimes he also decides that something pisses him off and decides to have screaming fits. Thankfully that's only sometimes. All of this is made up by the fact that he is just so dang adorable.

Paprika the painted turtle, named after the movie not the seasoning. If this photo was in color you would see that her coloring pretty much matches the same color scheme as in the movie so it suits her. She has a funny personality that I haven't gotten tired of in the past five (I think) years that I've had her. She's social, if you can consider a turtle social. I can pick her up out of her tank and she'll just sit on my hand. She's also a big food junkie. Obesity is a big health risk for turtles, she begs not even ten minutes after she gets fed and I only feed her about once every couple of days to a week, and she still has some fat issues. She also does this funny trick that if I have her on my floor and I get out her food and shake it she follows me for it.

I love them both even when I get woken up early in the morning to a screaming bird and when I have to clean out the most stinky tank in the world. Maybe sometime soon I'll get a picture of our dogs too, but like I said these babies are just mind and I loved how the pictures turned out. I hope you enjoyed seeing them too!


  1. Aww! They're both so sweet :) I had two Parrakeets when I was a child, Elvis and Precilla...But, they had to go for the mess they made :/

    1. Oh I believe it. Especially when Echo is molting there is a horrible mess everywhere. It's the little fluff feathers that are a pain, because you think you have them all swept up and you turn around and find a million more.