Friday, January 11, 2013


Today has been busier than I've been used to during this winter break. My semester starts back up Monday so we'll see how much busier I get then too. My "used to" basically includes me spending a lot of time playing video games, but shhh we don't need to talk about that.

Today my little siblings got on the bus and my mom and I got dressed/ready to leave then we headed up to my school to get my books. You might already know this if you follow my twitter but, I got incredibly ticked off at my school while I was there. They only had one of the books that I needed out of like six. I asked them when they were going to be getting the American Lit books in and found out they hadn't even planned to order any! I couldn't remember what the other books were that I needed so I couldn't ask about them. But, I was seriously fuming by the point I left the school.

It might seem to be a trivial thing to get so upset about, but the school keeps our leftover loan money until at least a month after the semester starts. So basically it only allows us to get our school books through the school. I don't know what I'm going to do. For Digital Imaging and Graphics for Illustration I might be fine without the books, but the American lit book I will definitely need.

Afterwards we still had a little time until we were due to be back home so we spent the time at the mall. I got some great sale deals at American Eagle that I was incredibly pleased about. No strike that, I wasn't just pleased. To be honest when we finished checking out and I saw the final amount I did a little dance. That mainly included lots of jumping up and down and fist pumps into the air.

We came home, mom had to take our vehicle to get fixed and when we got home I got to go on a nice long walk with Penny Lu.

Dad just came home a bit ago and we ate pizza and it's hopefully going to continue to be a good night.

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