Monday, January 20, 2014

Bringing Back Creativity

I have not blogged, written, drawn, photographed, or done anything slightly artistic in such a long time. Anything that has to do with creativity somehow seemed to escape from my life and I hated it. But, I'm the only one who can change that and changing it is exactly what I plan on doing.

Hello everyone, old followers, new followers, random person visiting my blog and welcome. I'm happy to write again. I welcome 2014 and blog with open arms. Fingers crossed to this being a creativity filled year.

I'm starting off small, but hopefully I'll get back into my swing of being my old crafty self.

When I say I'm starting small I mean small, with coloring in some of my coloring books often. I have a drawer full of coloring books and crayons and colored pencils and I've barely touched them. I figured my Jumbo Lisa Frank Coloring Book would be a great start... and I mean come on it's Lisa Frank... how could I not?

After awhile I'd like to start on this bad boy as well.

I've seen these around for a long time and decided to grab myself one. It looks like I'll have a blast with it, as long as I can get over my issue with never wanting to harm any books.

Also sadly for as much as I love taking photos these are the first ones I've taken in several months. I think my lack of creativity started when I started my job, and balancing school with work was just too difficult to think at all about art and whatnot. I'm not taking classes this semester so I'm hoping to fill up my free time in whatever creative ways I can.

I hope you'll enjoy whatever DIY's and craziness I share over the year, I personally can't wait.

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