Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A little update

Hello there fellow bloggers remember me? It's been far too long. Especially since I've realized that my last post was over two months ago. Yikes!

Since my last post I've read two of the four books, and I'm hoping to get my reviews of them up as soon as possible... maybe by this weekend? We'll see.

Life has been crazy lately. Mainly because I've gotten a job, and with always changing work hours I have no idea how to schedule myself to do things. That being said, if you follow my flickr you may have noticed some extreme inactivity, and I'm officially giving up on my 365 project, I have up to day 93 that I still need to upload to flickr, but I've not been able to give myself the time and dedication to continue on with the project. I'm not calling it a failure though, I'm calling it the trial run. I do plan on doing a 365 in the future, most likely when I have a job with a stable time stamp, that I'll be able to give myself the time to do things such as photography projects.

Speaking of photography, those who are close to me might have known that in college I had been wanting to switch over to a photography degree, but I've decided to just stick with the graphic arts degree instead.

For quite a long time I was inactive everywhere on the internet, and that is due to the fact that I did not have my computer. The poor thing was bed ridden with malware and issues I had the inability to fix. I've gotten it cleaned up finally and though it still has quite a few kinks that won't seem to leave, it's what I have.

I've been such a busy bee lately, and going from no work to a job where I work random days at random times for 5-8 hours at a time I find myself completely drained. I have managed recently to sneak in some friend time here or there, but it's difficult when you all work at different times.
But anyways how have you been? Have you had to deal with any craziness this summer?

Yeesh I rambled quite a bit today. I apologize for the skipping around and random bits in this little update, but I suppose that's just how my brain works, jumping around from one mess to the other. I miss you all and I wish you all lots of love! I hope to talk to you again soon! <3

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