Friday, May 17, 2013

2013 Summer Reading List

Today I'm starting on my summer reading! I'll probably do reviews with these as I did with the books I read last summer. For the Grimm's stories and the Lewis Carroll stories I might do separate reviews for each story I haven't quite decided yet. I've had all of these books at least since Christmas and it's been killing me to not have read them yet, especially Beautiful Redemption. So of course that's the one I'll start with.

The Beautiful Creatures book series has got to be one of my favorites if not my favorite. And I don't think I mentioned it but I did go see the movie, when it came out, on a Wednesday at midnight. I personally loved it, the actors they chose were perfect, the setting was perfect, I thought everything was absolutely perfect, except for the end. I know from past book to movie adaptions that you cannot expect to see an exact translation. I had worried about a few of the actors and watching the movie it had changed my mind completely and I fell in love with them as they played their characters. Like I said though the one thing I hadn't liked was the end, when there is a battle and Ethan should have played a bigger role in it as he did in the book. But, that's the only thing I was really upset about. I've heard people complain that it didn't really give them many answers in the movie, but those who've read the book know they really didn't give many answers in the first book. I do overall suggest people see the movie, but remember to not overly compare it to the book.

Sorry for that little ramble about the movie, but the whole book series is one that I really love and I can't wait to finish it with this book. Have you read any good books lately? Do you have anything I should add to this list?

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