Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday to ...Me?

So April 9th was my birthday! I'm officially twenty two, and I have to say I feel a lot more like an adult now then what I did last year, having a job will do that to you I suppose. Oh and slight side note as you can tell by comparing the photo on the side of my blog my hair has changed big time! It's now a red bob, I'm slowly working on growing it out, and then I'll probably end up chopping it all off again...

Anyway on to my birthday! The weekend before, I had sort of celebrated my birthday by getting all dolled up with a couple of my friends and going out for sushi, and to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. (Which is fantastic, if you haven't seen it yet you absolutely must!)

The night before my birthday I decided to buy myself a little something, to prove how adult I am. That's  right I bought myself a little Sven, for those who don't know (which really who hasn't seen the movie yet?) he's the reindeer from Frozen. 

I lucked out and had my birthday off of work so I spent the a good part of it relaxing and playing Okamiden which I had finally gotten ahold of the weekend before. I also enjoyed the gorgeous weather we were having by taking a walk/run with my dog... who is gotten crazy overweight during the colder months. We ended the day by having ribs for dinner, and eating ice cream cupcakes.


Also I got the game Bravely Default as a present from my family. If you are following me on my twitter you'll know that I just recently finished Okamiden and started playing Bravely Default. I'm already in love, the controls are just a little adjustment from any other game I've played.

How've you guys been? It seems like forever since I've posted (probably because it was... oh well). Have you played any good games lately? Also seriously video games and stuffed animals. I'm a great adult.

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