Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Shortlived Adventure in Goldfish Keeping

You may have remembered awhile back I had posted a picture of three of my fish when I explained that I was mostly on tumblr and had posted more photos there, well now I want to share what exactly had happened in my short time goldfish keeping. I've had many pets in my life and after the passing of my turtle I was just really missing the sound of running water in my room, and the way I thought of fixing that problem was to get myself goldfish that I'd always wanted to keep. So I went and got myself a 37 gallon aquarium and bought myself four little goldies on February 17th.

The four fish I started out with had been Gamut


and Pixel
And due to what I think was the tank not being properly cycled beforehand I lost Gamut within the week. Due to the pet stores policy I could get a replacement fish and I ended up doing so. And in came Gigabyte.

Now at this point I loved all of my little fish, I loved them from the second I got each one. They all had different personalities and they were all goofy little wiggle butts. Widget was kind of a butthead, Gigabyte was his accomplice, Glitch kind of did his own thing, and little miss Pixel was a kind of shy gal. But then not long after getting Gigabyte, Glitch had problems (also I believe for the tank not being cycled yet) and he ended up dying in the most bizarre fish death I'd ever seen.
 I had left for work that day and came back eight hours later to find him floating around missing half of his scales, I had taken him out and put him in a plastic tub and he still ended up dying within hours. At this point I figured I was cursed to only have three goldies, but I was okay with it. Like I said I loved each and every little antic they did and everything was great.


Then on May 10th whatever misfortune I'd had with them decided to come back and bite me in the butt all over again. I was at work, called my family to see if they needed anything before I left and was told while I was at work my fishtank had exploded.

Just so you fully understand this, that is 37 gallons of water pouring from my room on the second floor down to our basement. It was also over three hundred bucks down the toilet, from a faulty tank that was no longer under warranty after the first month had passed. Amazingly enough we have no water damage, and the only thing besides my rug (which we pulled out and tossed) to get wet was my Harry Potter books. And all three of my fish my mother and grandmother had saved by my mother and grandmother by filling it with tank water that they could and putting my poor babies in it. Widget was pretty okay, Pixels fins/tail was shredded, and Gigabyte was missing half his scales one side. They lived in a bucket for a few days until I'd moved them to a neighbor down the road's place, she had a large fish tank with some goldfish in it already.

I went to visit them for the first time yesterday. Pixel has apparently disappeared, but Gigabyte's scales have grown back and he and Widget both have gotten so big. I miss them bunches but I'm glad there somewhere being happy and healthy.

I have since then gotten a betta fish in a 2.5 gallon tank something my family decided was much safer for me to have(we didn't want to chance another explosion). But I'll post about him tomorrow.

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